MIDI setup guide for Mac

Using Parat+ as a MIDI controller:
Connect your computer and iOS device to the same local or peer-to-peer network.

  1. In the ”Audio MIDI Setup” app on your computer open the ”MIDI studio” window:
  2. Double click on ”Network” to open the ”Open Network Setup” [1].
  3. If necessary create a new Session [2].
  4. Ensure that the session is active [3].
  5. Launch Parat+ on the iOS device and the iPad/iPhone will appear in the “Directory”. Select your iOS device [4]
  6. Click on ”Connect” [5].
  7. After the connection has been established, … [1]
  8. … the iOS device will be listed in the ”Participants” table [2].
  9. You will be able to test the connection by moving any of the faders of Parat+ and observing the “Latency” measuring display [3].

Editing MIDI setting in Parat+:

  1. Open your MIDI compatible software and assign the faders to parameters. Please consult the relevant software manual on how to assign MIDI controllers either manually or using MIDI learn features.
  2.  By default Parat+ sends MIDI controller numbers 0 to 29 corresponding to the fader name on MIDI channel 1. If you need to establish connections manually, ensure you follow this protocol:
    /fader0 sends MIDI Controller 0 on MIDI channel 1
    /fader1 sends MIDI Controller 1 on MIDI channel 1

    /fader29 sends MIDI Controller 29 on MIDI channel 1
  3. To edit the MIDI Controller and Channel number, double tap (1.) on the OptionWheel. Scroll (2.) the small editor window until the MIDI settings are visible and enter the numbers as appropriate (3.). Please note that valid controller numbers are 0 – 127 and valid channels are 1 – 16 only:

The MIDI connection described might have to be reestablished after the iOS device has been locked or Parat+ loses focus, for example when switching to other iOS apps.
This video tutorial on Synthtopia shows the process as well.