OSC connections in Reaper

Reaper – Parat+ OSC (OpenSoundControl) setup

Relevant links:

  • Main page of software:
  • OSC description and manual for Reaper:
  • List of OSC controllers:
  1. Open Reaper Preferences:
  2. Select Control Surfaces from the left column of options.
  3. Select Control Surfaces from the left column of options.
  4. Click on ‘Add’ to define a new control surface.
  5. Choose ‘OSC (Open Sound Control) from the ‘Control surface mode:’ dropdown menu.
  6. Enter a ‘Device name’, either “Parat+” or any other name of your choice:
  7. Activate ‘Receive on port’ and define the port number e.g. 10100.
  8. Ensure that the port number and ‘Host IP’ match the settings in Parat+:
  9. Set IP in Parat+ (in setup):
  10. Set Port number in Reaper:
  11. Ensure port and IP match the settings on your iOS device. Either check in the main settings of your iOS device, or check at the bottom of the Parat+ screen:
  12. PLEASE NOTE: Parat+ will only display this info if your iOS device is connected to a network.
  13. If you wish to enable the ‘Learn’ functionality for FX available in Reaper, ensure that ‘Allow binding messages to REAPER actions and FX learn’ is checked.
  14. Confirm your entries and close the Reaper Preference window.
  15. Your tracks can be accessed through OSC addresses. You can find a comprehensive list of possible controls here:
  16. For example, the volume sliders of your Reaper tracks can be accessed using the OSC address:
    /track/1/volume where the number ‘1’ is for your first track
    /track/2/volume will control the volume of your second track etc.
  17. To setup the faders in Parat+ double tap on the Option Wheel to open the fader Detail Edit Window.
  18. For visual feedback of the changes in Reaper set the field ‘Value controlled by (OSC address)’ with the same OSC address: