OSC connections in Max7

Max7 – Parat+ OSC (OpenSoundControl) setup

Relevant links:

  • Main page of Max7 software:
  • OSC objects required:
    [udpreceive <port number> cnmat]
    [udpsend <IP number> <port number>]
    [OpenSoundControl] http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/patch/4059
    [OSC-route] http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/patch/4029
  1. To get the additional Max objects, open the Package Manager:
  2. Search for the CNMAT package:
  3. Install the CNMAT Externals:

Receive OSC data from Parat+ in Max7:

  • Download the following Max patches: SimpleUdpReceiveAndSend_maxPatches.
  • Use the objects udpreceive, OpenSoundControl and OSC-route in following way to extract the fader value as well as its minimum and maximum values:

Sending OSC data from Max7 to Parat+:

  • Use the objects udpsend in following way to send OSC data from your Max patches to Parat+.
  • Ensure you are setting the correct IP address and port number in your [updsend <IP> <port>] object.
  • The trigger [t b l], delay [del 5]  and OpenSoundControl objects shown here enable the transmission to combine the OSC messages to be combined to OSC bundles which allow for more efficient networking. However to send simple OSC messages simply connect a message defining your OSC address, e.g.  [/test $1] to the [uspsend] object.