The polar spatial sound controller


The polar spatial sound controller layer of Parat+ for iOS devices, developed with Nick Fells from the University of Glasgow, enables the panning and diffusing of simultaneous layers of sound for ambisonic and binaural playback environments, elevating Parat+ to a powerful real-time spatial sound manipulation tool.

Set angle, distance and elevation in a single polar controller using intuitive multi-touch gestures.

Ambisonic_BACK copy

The first touch controls angle and distance, other simultaneous touches are assigned to angle range, distance range and elevation dependent on proximity to guide lines.

The option wheel


The option wheel beneath each fader of Parat+ for iOS devices uses one flick gestures for instant access to additional functions.

Record a fader movement for immediate looped or one-shot playback with the gesture recorder, or activate the time recorder to capture any value changes over a period of time.

The fader can be locked at its value allowing quick interruptions of the data stream during gesture playback or when the fader is controlled by a sensor, internally or externally from another device such as a networked Arduino. The mute mode stops the OSC data transmission and solos the MIDI output. Relative mode allows the fader to be primed for subtle data tweaking.

Option_BACK copy

All automations can be overridden with a single touch of the fader, allowing for instant adjustments and interruptions, keeping you in charge.

Multi-gestural controls for faders in Parat+


Parat+ is an app for iOS that allows realtime control of several devices through multi-touch gestures with just one interface. A virtual ‘fader box’, it allows you to record, remap and set controls instantly and intuitively. Swipe and multitouch gestures record, loop and remap the interval of each fader and responsivity curve. Rescale, enlarge, pause and interrupt to modify your controls in realtime. Control sound levels, effects parameters, synthesis, lights and more via OSC and MIDI simultaneously.

Realtime fader control includes:
One finger to control the value
Two fingers to set the range, pinch to rescale
Add a third finger to adjust the curvature of the response, optimising sensitivity.

Fader_BACK copy

Parat+ allows finger gestures, recorded shapes and sensor readings from microcontrollers such as Arduino to be re-scaled, augmented, paused, interrupted and overridden in realtime at any time.

Faders can also be controlled directly from the iPad/iPhone mic and sensors, with optional gating and threshold.

Parat+ is fully compatible with any OSC enabled software such as Max, PD, Reaktor, Ardour, Processing, Digital Performer, Reaper and more. Use MIDI to control all other software and hardware including DMX for lighting rigs.

All controllers are freely assignable: define your own OSC addresses, adjust MIDI settings and define parameter ranges to customise parameter mappings, creating a control hub as individual as your approach.

PARAT+ editor

PARAT+ editor for Mac + Windows (working in Max7 runtime) .

Download editor from here.
You will need Max/MSP from Cycling74 to run the editor (no software license required, use it in runtime mode)

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 22.31.42

After loading PARAT+ on iOS device on the same network, the device is recognised
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 22.32.12

After the device is selected, the fader editors become visible
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 22.32.33

Select the Host IP to establish the destination IP for PARAT+ to transmit data to
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 22.33.01

edit your PARAT+ setup
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 22.33.28

When a second device running PARAT+ is detected on the network, you’ll be able to switch between the devices
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 22.34.13