Parat+ Audio Demo

Parat+ features a build in sine-tone synthesiser which enables a standalone mode to test and learn Parat+.

In order to activate the Parat+ Audio Demo mode, open the Setup View and scroll down to the ‘Demo SynthEngine’ button.

This will name a selection of Faders to control the built-in synth in following format:

First voice:
/paratDemo/0/volume (set to the default parameter range of 0. to 1.)
/paratDemo/0/pitch (set to a parameter range of 60 to 96) – feel free to set a different pitch range!
/paratDemo/0/pan (set to the default parameter range of 0. to 1.)

Second voice:

and master section:
/paratDemo/master/volume (set to the default parameter range of 0. to 1.)

Using such OSC addresses, any number of sine-tone voices can be created and used at anytime within your performance setup.

These synthesiser voices can also be used as a basic ring modulation effect. Add or rename a Fader to /paratDemo/<voice no>/ringMod and values of greater than 0.5 will switch the sine-tone oscillator to modulate the microphone input. Values smaller than 0.5 will switch of the ring modulator and revert to the sine-tone synthesiser.

Despite its conception for demonstration purpose, these synthesis modules can be implemented into any Parat+ setup.