Parat+ Setup View

Parat+ Setup view:

Settings for the IP address and port numbers of the OSC targets are available in the Setup view.

Use the Setup tab in the Navigation bar to open the Setup View.

Parat+ enables four OSC targets to be defined.

For most users this might be irrelevant, therefore target ‘one’ is considered the main OSC target which also cannot be removed.

Define the IP address and port number of your target device.

For example, a common scenario for users will be to enter the IP address of your computer you are running OSC enabled software on such as Max7, Ableton Live with Max4Live, PD or Reactor etc.

The port number can be defined by you, however check whether the software/hardware you want to control has a fixed port number.

If you are sending OSC data to Parat+ ensure that your source software is sending the OSC data to the IP address of your iOS device (shown as Local IP) and the Receiving Port number.