OSC Setup Guide

Parat+ is fully compatible with any OSC (OpenSoundControl) enabled software such as Max, PD, Reaktor, Ardour, Processing, Digital Performer, Reaper and more. Use MIDI to control all other software and hardware including DMX for lighting rigs. OSC and MIDI can be used simultaneously.

Using Parat+ as a wireless OSC controller:

  1. Connect your iOS device to the same local or peer-to-peer* wifi network as your Mac.
  2. Parat+ sends controller data as OSC bundles and messages over UDP (for more details see opensoundcontrol.org).
  3. Define the IP and Port number in the setup view of Parat+:
  4. Parat+ listens to OSC bundles and OSC messages on port 10101.
  5. Parat+ shows all relevant connection information at the bottom of the screen:
  6. This info bar will also indicate if your iOS device has lost connection:
  7. Double tap on the Option Wheel (1.) to open the editor window and edit the OSC address (2.) to the destination OSC address that each fader is transmitting to:
  8. By default Parat+ faders transmit OSC addresses:
    /fader/2 …
  9. The default parameter range is 0. to 1.
  10. Assign these OSC streams in your OSC enabled software (e.g. Max/MSP, Reaktor, OSCulator) to control the parameters you wish to control.
  11. Example to setup OSC for Max7.
  12. Example to setup OSC with Reaper.
  13. Example to setup OSC with Digital Performer.
  14. Example to use OSC in Ableton Live for high resolution volume controls.

*Busy public wifi networks are not suitable to be used as network performance can vary greatly depending on how other people use the available bandwidth (basically the controller performance will depend on whether other people download movies or not!).