MIDI controls in Ableton Live

Following guide shows the MIDI setup in Ableton Live. If the wireless MIDI connection between your iPad and computer is not established yet, you might want to check out the MIDI setup guide.

After ensuring that MIDI is received by your computer from Parat+, open Ableton Live.

  1. Open the Preferences window (cmd + ‘,’):
  2. Select the MIDI tab.
  3. Check for the Network (Session 1) MIDI port is listed (otherwise check your settings in the Audio MIDI setup)
  4. Ensure that Remote is enabled for Network (Session 1).
  5. In Ableton Live activate the MIDI setup mode:
  6. All elements in Ableton Life which can be controlled by MIDI will appear in blue:

    Select the element you wish to control, e.g. the volume slider of track 3 Audio.
  7. To ensure Ableton is connecting to the intended fader of Parat+, activate the solo MIDI feature of the Parat+ fader you wish to use:

    Activating the soloMIDI function is particular important if any of the faders in Parat+ are playing back any recorded gestures as Ableton Live will connect the selected control element in Ableton with the first MIDI data received.
  8. Moving the fader handle will establish the MIDI connection.
  9. You might want to check that the MIDI settings for your fader in Parat+ are as displayed in Ableton Live. To do this double tap on the OptionWheel of the fader to open the Edit Detail View and scroll down to see the set MIDI channel and controller number:
  10. In Ableton Live the settings are also displayed in the MIDI Mappings:


Following video shows Ableton Live controlled by Parat+ via MIDI. It also uses the Ableton Link for tempo synchronized automations.