Controlling Ableton Live mixer in high resolution via OSC.

Ableton Live offers a very sophisticated MIDI mapping infrastructure, which make hooking up Parat+ faders to Ableton very easy. In cases where the MIDI range of 128 values (0-127) is too limited, controlling parameters with Open Sound Control (OSC) will be a preferred option.

Ableton Live has no native OSC support, instead Max4Live and Live API can be used for a suitable control implementation.

INCALCANDO offers two free Max4Live devices that allow straight forward control of volume, panning and the sends of your tracks. These Max4Live devices are optimised to work with INCALCANDO’s Parat+:

Load the two devices into a new MIDI track. These devices will not produce or process any MIDI data, all MIDI data is routed through unchanged. We suggest to keep these devices in a separate track, as only one instance of each device ought to be included into your Ableton Live Session.

Define the required OSC addresses in Parat+.

  1. Double tap the Option Wheel to open the Edit Fader Detail view.
  2. Define the OSC addresses and set appropriate Parameter range:

    Make sure you use a range of -1 to 1 for the panning.

  3. Ensure Parat+ is transmitting to the IP of your computer on port number 10100.