The Option Wheel in Parat+

The Option Wheel beneath each fader of Parat+ for iOS devices uses one flick gestures for instant access to additional functions.

The Parat+ Option Wheel Controller

Record a fader movement for immediate looped or one-shot playback with the gesture recorder, or activate the time recorder to capture any value changes over a period of time.

Function List of Option Wheel

The fader can be locked at its value allowing quick interruptions of the data stream during gesture playback or when the fader is controlled by a sensor, internally or externally from another device such as a networked Arduino. The mute mode stops the OSC data transmission and solos the MIDI output. Relative mode allows the fader to be primed for subtle data tweaking.

All automations can be overridden with a single touch of the fader, allowing for instant adjustments and interruptions, keeping you in charge.

Parat+ Option Wheel and Gesture Recorder

Sliding from the centre of the Option Wheel to the symbol of the function selects the option. Circular movement enables to dial to the option. This video shows using the Gesture Recorder and Looped Playback. Lock the fader to interrupt the playback. Touch gestures always take precedence over the playback.