Fader controls in Parat+

Multi-gestural controls for faders in Parat+

Parat+ is an app for iOS that allows realtime control of several devices through multi-touch gestures with just one interface. A virtual ‘fader box’, it allows you to record, remap and set controls instantly and intuitively. Swipe and multitouch gestures record, loop and remap the interval of each fader and responsivity curve. Rescale, enlarge, pause and interrupt to modify your controls in realtime. Control sound levels, effects parameters, synthesis, lights and more via OSC and MIDI simultaneously.

Realtime fader control includes:
One finger to control the value
Two fingers to set the range, pinch to rescale
Add a third finger to adjust the curvature of the response, optimising sensitivity.

Parat+ allows finger gestures, recorded shapes and sensor readings from microcontrollers such as Arduino to be re-scaled, augmented, paused, interrupted and overridden in realtime at any time.

Faders can also be controlled directly from the iPad/iPhone mic and sensors, with optional gating and threshold.

Parat+ is fully compatible with any OSC enabled software such as Max, PD, Reaktor, Ardour, Processing, Digital Performer, Reaper and more. Use MIDI to control all other software and hardware including DMX for lighting rigs.

All controllers are freely assignable: define your own OSC addresses, adjust MIDI settings and define parameter ranges to customise parameter mappings, creating a control hub as individual as your approach.

Controlling Parat+ Fader values.

Single touch gestures to control Parat+ Fader values. Multiple Faders can be adjusted simultaneously.

Parat+ Fader Range

Adapting the Parat+ Fader range and feel. Modifying the range during gesture playback.

Parat+ Fader Curvature

Three fingers gestures set range and curvature of the Fader.
The first finger will control the Range Minimum, the second the Range Maximum.
Add a third finger to adjust the curvature of the response, optimising sensitivity.